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C-Section Scar Wound Infection

What Is A C-Section Wound Infection? A c-section wound infection, also called post-cesarean section wound infection, is a bacterial disease that develops after cesarean . It’s because of bacterial infecting the surgical. The disease could usually happen because of numerous kinds of bacteria and might be a superficial skin infecti...

Insulin To Treat Gestational Diabetes: Is It Safe?

  During pregnancy, the placenta secretes hormones that are necessary for the developing baby. However, in some, these hormones can hinder the functioning of insulin and causeGD).Usually, a balanced diet and regular exercise might help normalize blood glucose levels. However, sometimes, insulin may be required t...

Everything You Need to Know About Infertility

Definition of infertility A diagnosis of infertility means you haven’t been able to get pregnant after a year of trying. If you’re a woman over 35, it means you haven’t been able to get pregnant after 6 months of trying. Women who are able to conceive but not carry a pregnancy...