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Do Test Tube Babies Behave Normally?

Do Test Tube Babies Behave Normally?

  • January 16, 2021

IVF is a common type of fertility treatment. This involves retrieving eggs and sperm from the couple, fertilizing the egg with sperm in a lab and then transferring up to 1 or 2 embryos back to the woman’s womb. The rest of the pregnancy continues as normal in the woman’s womb.

Babies that are conceived outside a woman’s body through IVF are known as test tube babies. In terms of mental and physical development, there is no difference between babies conceived inside a woman’s body and babies conceived outside a woman’s body. This also holds true for babies born from frozen sperm or frozen embryos. Thus, there is no need to wonder whether a test tube baby will behave normally or not.

Test Tube Baby: IVF stands for in vitro fertilization, and it is a process by which a woman is made pregnant by the fertilization of her egg by a sperm outside her body in a scientifically controlled environment. This breakthrough technology has allowed many couples to experience the joys of parenthood even though they are single or jointly incapable of it due to some reason. But a couple going in for IVF needs to do in-depth study about the process so that they can have realistic expectations from it and not make any errors which would endanger the child that is being brought into this world.

Test Tube Baby Procedure Step By Step :

• The female partner is injected daily with the correct hormones which would stimulate the production of her eggs.

• The progress is monitored on a daily basis for a fortnight with clinical monitoring and ultrasonography tests.

• Once the eggs are formed, they are internally retrieved under anaesthesia.

• Concurrently, the sperm is also retrieved from the male partner.

• They are either mixed together or the sperm is injected into the egg in the laboratory until the fertilization takes place.

• From the embryos formed as a result of fertilization. 2 or 3 healthiest ones are selected and transferred back to the female partner’s womb.

• About a fortnight after this, the pregnancy test is done to check whether the procedure was successful.

Test Tube Baby

Test Tube Babies are Normal

Fact: The first test tube baby was born in 1978. Since then over 8 million people have been born through IVF. A majority of these people grew up to lead normal lives and many have families of their own.

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