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C-Section Scar Wound Infection

C-Section Scar Wound Infection

  • January 21, 2021
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What Is A C-Section Wound Infection?

A c-section wound infection, also called post-cesarean section wound infection, is a bacterial disease that develops after cesarean delivery. It’s because of bacterial infecting the surgical. The disease could usually happen because of numerous kinds of bacteria and might be a superficial skin infection or a more dangerous deeper pelvic wound abscess. It’s essential to be seen by a doctor as soon as possible to diagnose and treat the problem

What Are The Causes Of Infection After Cesarean Birth?

The following are risk factors for a wound infection .

  • Obesity
  • Increased weight
  • Previous cesarean delivery
  • Diabetes
  • An infection called intraamniotic infection that developed during labor
  • Prolonged rupture of membranes
  • Repeated vaginal examinations
  • An emergency Cesarean delivery

Knowing the symptoms of a c-section infection can help you start the treatment in time.

What Are The Signs Of A Post-Cesarean Wound Infection?

The following are a few symptoms of an infection after c-section.

How To Treat A Wound Infection?

A c-section infection can be treated using

  1.     Antibiotics: Doctors usually recommend treating cesarean wound infections such as cellulitis with antibiotics.
    2. Drainage:For instances where there is a pocket of abcess or pus, opening the skin incision to allow drainage of the disease may be warranted
    3. Dressing the wound: Some infection conditions may require dressing the wound frequently to close the wound and promote healing.

The treatment can be effective and your recovery faster when you follow a few tips.

How To Take Care Of A C-Section Infection Wound?

Here are some things that you need to take care of.

  • Take and complete the antibiotics.
  • Go for regular cleaning and dressing of the wound as directed.
  • Avoid applying any lotions or creams that may contain chemicals harmful to your skin. And wear loose and lightweight clothes that don’t rub on your wounds.
  • You can always get medical care from your doctor if the wound doesn’t seem to heal or if you experience more pain from the surgical site.
  • Consume healthy food and lots of liquids.

Keep reading to learn how you can prevent an infection or minimize its risk.

Can You Prevent C-Section Wound Infection?

You may not be able to entirely prevent the infection after a c-section , but you can take certain precautions to avoid any complications.

  1. Maintain a healthy weight: Obesity is one of the risk factors of a c-section wound infection (6). Hence, pregnant women should try maintaining their weight during pregnancy by exercising or consuming a healthy diet.
  1. Control diabetes: Gestational diabetes could cause more complications related to the infection after a c-section (15). Therefore, pregnant women should try keeping their glucose levels in check.
  1. Treat other conditions/diseases: If you are suffering from any disease/illness or have any pre-existing conditions that may trigger complications with a c-section infection, try to treat them before the due date.

C-section infections are curable with proper medical care. If you notice any symptoms, see that you visit your doctor and get a diagnosis done as soon as you can. Also, take proper care and consult your doctor when in doubt to minimize the risk of infection.

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